A World of Opportunity 

Senior Years

Kormilda College is committed to providing a world-class education which supports and challenges each student to achieve their personal best.  Students and families can be assured that our standards are world class by our formal accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) as well as our Year 12 results.  Achieving the best outcomes possible enables students to have the widest choice of post-school options.  Years 11 and 12 at Kormilda provide the foundation for successful post-school pathways. Students in Years 11 and 12 (called Stage 1 and 2) at Kormilda College are offered a choice of three pathways:

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
  • The Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET - actually following the South Australian Certificate in Education(SACE))
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) within the NTCET

With each pathway there is a wide range of subject choices at Kormilda.  This often presents a challenge to students.  It requires a degree of self-awareness and knowledge and some longer term goals to make decisions about courses and subjects in Years 11 and 12.

The transition to Year 10 is an exciting step. Students begin to focus and specialise in subjects of their choice as they consider their future. At Kormilda, we aim to further enrich the learning experience with international trips, service learning, leadership skills development, top class sporting facilities and designated Year 12 study room being just a few.

The supportive learning environment offered by Kormilda assists our students and their families with making the right choices that work towards reaching future career aspirations. Choice and opportunity within a well-structured and supportive environment of high expectations are the hallmarks of the Senior School experience at Kormilda College. 

Year 10 students commence their NTCET with the Personal Learning Plan (PLP), a 10-credit Stage 1 subject. All of our Year 10 students complete this subject as it is a great opportunity to consider their future options aligned to personal career preferences.

During Year 10 all students are individually counselled and meetings held with family memebrs to ensure that students are enrolling in the best course for them as they enter Years 11 and 12. The focus is on ensuring that the aspirations of the student, and their families, can be met by the subjects and course they choose.

 In order to gain an ATAR, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, students are required to successfully complete three 20 credit subjects and 30 credits from the flexible option. The following table outlines what can be included in the flexible option.  For more details refer to the SATAC Tertiary Entrance booklet (www.satac.edu.au).

90 credits for Stage 2 to receive an ATAR

60 credits

Three 20-credit successful subjects (whole of year subjects)

30 credits

The score for the flexible option is the best 30 credits from:

  • Another 20-credit subject
  • Half the score of one or more 20 credit subject/s
  • Score of one or more 10 credit subject/s (one semester in length)
  • Equivalent recognised studies to the maximum value of 20, eg., 20 credits of Certificate III VET or one IBDP subject.

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Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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