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Experiential Learning Program

The Experiential Learning Program is a set of student experiences completely unique to Kormilda College, and one of the best school based expedition programs in Australia. Becoming progressively more remote and challenging each year, the Program seeks to create independent, capable and environmentally aware young adults who are capable of working as a group to overcome physical and mental challenges in remote environments.

All students in Years 2 – 10 will attend this compulsory co-curricular Program. These experiences are integrated into school life through both academic and pastoral streams, and present opportunities for students to share cross-cultural experiences and be challenged physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

It is through a purposeful journey and expedition that students are inspired to engage their enterprising curiosity and undefeatable spirit, aptly reflect on their experiences and learning which, in turn, greatly contributes towards building individual strength of character and community spirit at Kormilda College.

A Journey and Adventure Based Wilderness Experiential Learning philosophy is used when designing meaningful and rewarding programs for our students.

Experiential Learning Program 2017

In date order, our camp calendar program is as follows:

Year 2 | DADS Camp

21-22 April  2017

This will be the Inaugural Year 2 Dads Camp! Year 2 Students and their fathers will camp at school for one night as an introductory camping experience for our young students.

Year 3/4 | Coomalie Creek

25-26 May  2017

This 2 day Experiential Learning Program takes students to the beautiful locale of Coomalie Creek, 100km south of Darwin. Purposefully designed group challenges, orienteering and camp craft expose students to concepts of social competence and develop interest and appreciation of our natural world.

Year 5/6 | Hayes Creek

25-25 May  2017

Year 6

Based at Hayes Creek, the Year 5/6 Experiential Learning Program gives students the opportunity to further develop their connection with the natural world through activities such as Gorge exploration, mountain biking and bushwalking. Students will experience camping in a more remote setting, with less facilities and will begin to learn skills related to bush cooking and survival that will set them up for the more remote and senior years of the Experiential Learning Program.

Year 7 |  Litchfield National Park

Group 1: 29 May-1 June  2017

Group 2: 5-9 June  2017

Year 7

The Year 7 Program continues to build upon foundations set in the early years and gives an insight for students into a journey based experience in preparation for the expeditions they will embark on in years 8,9 & 10. On this 4 day program students will explore the beautiful Litchfield National Park whilst developing skills in self-management, initiative & leadership. The program includes bushwalking, snorkelling, raft building and swimming, as well as having a focus to moving away from supported programs and into self-reliant expeditions.

Year 8 |  Douglas Station

Year 8 Group 1: 8 - 12 May  2017

Year 8 Group 2: 15 - 19 May  2017

Year 8

Our relationship with Douglas Station allows this program to run on private land around Depot Creek and Butterfly Gorge. This is an introduction to a journey-based expedition program over five days.  Adventure activities including mountain biking, bushwalking and gorge exploration are used as a learning medium to assist students to recognise developmentally appropriate skills in relation to task leadership, empathy and environmental understanding.

Year 9 – Jindare Station

Year 9 Group 1: 31 July-4 August  2017

Year 9 Group 2: 7-11 August  2017

Year 9

Jindare Station is a privately owned working cattle station adjacent to Umbrawarra Gorge, a place of great significance to the local Wagiman people. Groups embarking on this major five day journey based expedition will mountain bike along trails, bushwalk along watercourses, rock climb and abseil in a natural environment and explore gorges around the Purple Rock area. This program focuses on extending comfort zones, group success and an understanding of sustainability.

Year 10 | Lake Argyle

2-9 September  2017

Year 10

A peak and culminating journey referred to by students as ‘a life changing experience’ is the eight-day expedition to Lake Argyle in Western Australia. Students have ‘trained’ for this challenging expedition throughout the sequentially designed Experiential Learning Program. Students participate in sea kayaking and canoeing on the 1,000 square kilometre body of water, and focus on environmental action, self-reliance, resilience and leadership amongst peers in preparation for the final years of schooling.


Click here to download a copy of our Experiential Learning brochure.  Kormilda College Outdoor Education

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