A World of Opportunity 

Our Approach

The Kormilda experience is like no other. It is a unique union of cultures, of people who share a passion for learning, in a supportive environment underpinned by a strong Christian foundation. Our cultural diversity is a source of inspiration for learning and a reason for celebration.

We believe in 'excellence' as our principal measure of success. Excellence, by definition, refers to the quality of exceeding or going beyond expectations and standards. We believe that excellence is neither elitist nor exclusive, and its benefits accrue to both the individual and the community.

The College is a learning community in which all members, students, teachers, and parents are encouraged and supported to pursue their own lifelong-learning journey. We believe that learning involves academic, cultural, spiritual, physical and emotional development.

We seek to exercise compassion and to act with justice in every aspect of College life, in all that we say and do. We believe that students who act with justice will be courageous, critical, discerning, selfless, responsible, ethical, fair, thoughtful and understanding.

The College seeks to empower students to become wise and act with courage in shaping their own future, and making globally responsible decisions and choices that will contribute towards a sustainable future for the entire community.

Compliance data

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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