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One Step Beyond | Years 7-9


The One Step Beyond program is designed to cater to the needs of students who show high motivation and acadmic skills.

Successful students are rewarded with exciting developments in their personal learning journey, and offered support to maximise their potential through a rigorous and challenging curriculum, which promotes critical and creative thinking. 

The next step for these students is the creation of an Individual Learning Plan. This requires students to think carefully about their areas of strength and growth in relation to the Middle Years Programme (MYP) Approaches to Learning; including organisation, collaboration, communication, information literacy, reflection, thinking and transfer. By reflecting on each of these areas, students are encouraged to think about how they learn and realise that these skills are not only required throughout all subjects, but also life beyond school. 

They will also set their own short and long term goals, which they will review at the end of each term. An important part of this process is students taking responsibility for their own learning and developing their ability to refine their own goals so that they are specific and achievable.

The One Step Beyond program is also a valuable pathway into Kormilda’s High Achievers Academy at Year 10.

The process for stutends to be considered for the One Step Beyond progam detailed below.


The College has conducted these two opportunities which is an opportunity for students to experience extension in their classes and to support them in reaching higher levels of achievement.

Following a review the College has a simplified process which will involve the student who wishes to be considered for inclusion into this program to send to the College the following documents:

1. Copy of the latest report from their school (in the case of students already attending Kormilda College they send their recent report)
2. Copy of their latest NAPLAN report
3. A written recommendation which is no more than one page and addresses the areas of learning which the OSB/HAA programs address, from:
a. A Year 6 teacher who has been the main teacher, this year in the case of Primary students.
b. Year 6 students who are currently in Middle School at Kormilda College will refer to point (c) and can ask for recommendations from two teachers who have had the opportunity to know the student well.
c. A teacher who has known the student well and can comment on the growth they have shown in their time in secondary school. In the case of secondary students in Yrs 7, 8 or 9 they may wish to ask two teachers to write a brief recommendation each.

This process takes place early in Term 3. For applications, parents will be notified by email of the due date.

When the documents are gathered they can be emailed to Ms Fay Gurr at the address fay.gurr@kormilda.nt.edu.au.

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