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School Uniform

Wearing a school uniform at Kormilda College is compulsory while attending classes or other school organised activities. We require students to wear the College uniform, fully and correctly, to, from and during school. Any discrepancy should be explained in a note from a parent/guardian, to obtain a uniform pass. All school uniform items (excluding footwear), are available from the College Shop.

Boys: Green polo shirt with black shorts or black trousers.

Girls: Green polo shirt with black skirt or skort, black shorts or black trousers.

Footwear: All students are to wear black enclosed footwear with white socks. Under no circumstances are students allowed to wear thongs while at school unless a foot injury requires this for walking. A note from a parent is expected under these circumstances.

Hats: Students are required to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears, i.e. legionnaire, broad-brimmed or bucket hats, whenever they are outside.

Physical Education: Black sports shorts with the relevant House polo shirt, white socks, runners.

Jewellery Accessories: Wrist watch, two rings, no bracelets and no necklaces (medical ID bracelet/necklaces are acceptable). A pair of plain gold/silver studs or small sleepers may be worn. All other jewellery including body piercing is not permitted.

Jewellery of religious or cultural significance may be worn under special circumstances. A note from a parent or guardian clearly outlining the significance needs to be provided to the Pastoral Office. If the reason is accepted then this information will be noted in the student's file.

Hair: Clean, neat and tidy. No extreme hairstyles or extreme variations from natural hair colours are acceptable at school. Facial hair for boys is not acceptable except by prior agreement.

Make-up and Nail Polish: Make-up and coloured nail polish are not to be worn while in College uniform. 

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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