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Religious and Values Education (RAVE)

At the core of our curriculum are the values, teachings and traditions of the Anglican and Uniting churches. We believe issues of faith are integral to all aspects of life. Modelled on the work of Dr Peter Vardy, a leading educationalist, philosopher and the ologian working in the UK, the Religious and Values Education (RAVE) program is designed to systematically lead students in thinking about issues of faith. Its structure includes:

  • Educating students into an appreciation of the Bible and a knowledge of the Christian tradition
  • Providing values education within a broad religious framework
  • Introducing students to the central areas in Philosophy of Religion, including the arguments for and against the existence of God; religious language; an understanding of God's omnipotence and omniscience; what it means to talk of 'Eternal Life'
  • Introducing students to an appreciation and understanding of alternative faith perspectives
  • Providing students with an appreciation of the value of silence and of an alternative perspective on life to materialism, and to help them to be able to realise the importance of stillness, gentleness, compassion, concern for others and personal responsibility, as well as achievement, success, recognition and reputation. 
Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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