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Enrolment Agreement

As a student accepting enrolment at Kormilda College, I agree at all times I will:

  • Work towards achieving the College Mission in everything I do
  • Represent the College through my conduct and behaviour in a way that will bring credit to myself,
    my family and the College community
  • Make an honest effort to achieve my personal best in all courses of study
  • Act at all times with respect towards the College staff, other students, parents and visitors to the College
  • Follow all College rules, expectations and policies (as outlined in the College student planners)
  • Wear the full school uniform
  • Participate fully in activities arranged by the College such as excursions, camps, sporting carnivals
    and other College activities.

As a student accepting enrolment at Kormilda College, I understand that:

  • Behaviour that disrupts my learning or the learning of others or is in conflict with the College Mission
    is unacceptable for a student enrolled at the College
  • Behaviour that is illegal or socially unacceptable (eg. bullying, abuse, possession and/or use of alcohol
    or illicit drugs, vandalism, violence, racism, intimidation, offensive language, possession of offensive
    literature) may lead to the loss of my place at Kormilda College

The College requires students to participate actively in programs that will restore relationships broken by
unacceptable behaviour.

Good Standing Policy

All students have a right to learn in a positive, supportive learning environment. This means that all students also
have a responsibility to support the learning program by participating fully in the course of study, participating
fully in special events, attending all classes, and respecting the rights and possessions of others.

A student's 'good standing' may be downgraded if he/she does not demonstrate a commitment to learning and follow
College rules and expectations established for all students. If a student's 'good standing' is downgraded,
access to special school events may be withdrawn.


The conduct and behaviour of students while representing the school should bring credit to themselves, their family,
their community and the College. This includes traveling to and from the College, in the classrooms, in the College
grounds, participating in College events and in the residences. These expectations form our College rules that
ensure a safe and positive environment for all.

  • Attend school and class on time
  • Respect property, whether personal, belonging to the College, or others
  • Use appropriate language when speaking with other students, teachers, College staff, parents and visitors
    to the College
  • Wear the uniform fully and correctly as per the Uniform Policy. This includes travelling to and from school,
    during excursions and at College events
  • Follow grievance procedures if a student has any concerns about another student or a member of the College
  • Leave any item of value at home for your own security. The College will not replace the item if stolen or lost
  • Stay visible within the assigned areas of the College grounds throughout the school day. Once you have
    arrived on College grounds you are not permitted to leave without formal notification from your parent/carer.
    All students must sign out through Main Reception
  • Running or playing of games on stairways or ramps or in unsupervised areas (including classrooms and car-parks)
    can lead to unsafe situations and is not to occur
  • Act safely at break times. Unsupervised contact sports, climbing, use of roller blades or skateboards and throwing,
    kicking or bouncing balls near buildings or vehicles is prohibited
  • Mobile phones must not be turned on or used during class times. Students who misuse mobile phones will
    have them confiscated
  • All grounds and classrooms must be kept tidy and rubbish placed in the bins provided. All students are expected
    to contribute to a litter free environment and help look after the College buildings and grounds
  • The following items are prohibited and must not be used whilst in College uniform or representing the College:
    permanent textas, liquid paper, knives and other sharp or dangerous implements, tobacco, matches or lighters, aerosol or spray cans

Intimate physical contact between students is not acceptable within the College environment or whilst in College uniform.

There are some things that people are not permitted to do in society, and our community, as they are illegal and punishable by law. These things include: the possession and use of illegal substances, harassment and bullying, theft or damage of property, verbal or physical assault, forgery and plagiarism, truancy (non-attendance at school). 

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
© Kormilda College CRICOS 00971D

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