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Your donation will help shape Kormilda College's future, enhance the College's facilities and ensure the College continues to enrich the lives of students for years to come. Donations of $2 and more are tax deductible.

Kormilda College Scholarship Fund

The Kormilda College Scholarship Fund provides scholarship and bursary opportunities to students who excel in academic, sport, performing arts and other fields. The fund also caters for Indigenous students (particularly from the Greater Darwin urban area) who show promise in these fields and demonstrate potential leadership abilities.

Members of the community are invited to support academic excellence and Indigenous education by contributing to this Fund.  This provides an avenue for our Alumni, parents and friends to bestow a high quality education to a deserving recipient. 

Contributions can be made by downloading the Scholarship Fund form.

Kormilda College Building Fund

The Kormilda College Building Fund raises funds that are used to construct, expand and maintain our substantial school buildings. Contributions can be made by downloading the Building Fund form.

Kormilda College Boarding Program Fund

The Kormilda College Boarding Program Fund bridges the gap between current funding sources and the cost of educating our current and future Indigenous students. Monies raised in this fund are used for the acquisition, construction and maintenance of the boarding buildings. Contributions can be made by downloading the Boarding Program Fund form.

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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