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Kormilda College Sony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp

Kormilda College will hold its 12th annual Sony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp from Friday, 23 June to Sunday, 25 June 2017. This camp, which occurs in selected schools Australia wide throughout the year, is sponsored by the Sony Foundation.

Our camp will be held primarily on campus utilising one of the College's boarding houses. The activities of the camp are organised by the Year 12 students who were in personal carer roles in 2016 and the Year 11 students undertake the role of being a personal carer for a developmentally delayed child.

The theme for the camp this year is “Hawaii” and there will be a range of activities for the three days from pool play, drama, games, music, painting and interactive storytelling. As well as a fun environment for campers, the three day residential camp will also provide much needed respite for parents and/or carers.

Prior to the Camp, these students receive training so they can undertake the role of providing 24-hour care and companionship, whilst also overseeing tasks such as feeding, showering and more. This professional training ensures they can provide care with due diligence and includes workshops and information on hygiene and personal care, feeding techniques, appropriate interactions and communication skills and is provided by qualified staff.

In addition, our students attend an induction prior to the Camp with the nurse who is in attendance during the Camp, to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the disability of their child, and the skills required to meet specific individual needs.

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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