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Farewell Message from Ms Peyton

Kormilda College Louise Peyton Primary
Ms Louise Peyton

Dear Parents and Carers

It is with gratitude and appreciation that I write this final newsletter item to the Kormilda College community. The last three years have provided a wonderful challenge for me and it has been inspiring to have been accompanied by so many dedicated people. I wish to thank you all for your kindness and well wishes over the last month, but more importantly for the partnership which has been developed between parents and the Primary School since we began in 2015. If we truly believe that our children. gain most from an effective partnership between home and school, then we are really on the right track.

I wish to acknowledge the wonderful young people with whom I spend every day. You are so fully of energy, ideas, stimulation, and laughter. Every day is a surprise and every day I learn something new. I have loved watching you learn things about the world, others and yourselves. I have enjoyed being challenged in my thinking thanks to discussions and engagement with you. I wish you all well as you continue your learning journey.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the wonderful staff with whom I have worked during these early years of the Primary School. It is no secret that the financial situation of the College has meant that we have had to really examine everything that we do to ensure that it is the absolute best for our students. You have done that remarkably. Your support of me in my position has been endless and I really appreciate it. So much of what we have done has been created from scratch. That is no mean feat, but it has come about from a consistent team effort. I wish you well as you continue this process of developing our future leaders.

With the very best wishes


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