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China Connection Tour

In March a group of teachers visited the province of Yunan in China. The purpose for this visit was to promote Kormilda College as a centre of excellence for overseas students who wish to study full time or who are interested in the study tour experience. In 2016 the College hosted two study tours from China with primary and middle school students. It was so successful that members of staff from Kormilda College were invited to visit some schools where our teachers taught some classes in English and I gave presentations to parents about the wonderful curriculum offering at our college and the unique culture and experience we give students.

The group visited Kunming and then travelled to Haikou where we taught at a public primary school of 900 students which is considered small. The students there attend school from 8.30 to 5.00pm each day with a 2 hour break in the middle of the day. Many students across China have lessons in English or Maths or Music or Sport after school and sometimes are involved in these activities until after 8pm. The students are excited and engaged with a love of learning and sense of fun that is very pleasing.

Following our stop in Haikou we went to Nanning which is a large city with a variety of school options. We were able to successfully deliver lessons at a private grammar school where many students boarded through the week as their families were often long distances from the school. At each school the students wanted to practise their English and parents I spoke to were very interested in their children studying in Australia.

Mrs Banyai and Ms Hoffman were our teachers and they did an excellent job in engaging large groups of students in English activities and games as well as making art.

We made a positive impression with strong interest being shown already in study tours this year to Kormilda College. I wish to thank Dr Spiers for her support of this visit and I know it supports our international status with a worthy reputation of excellence.

Ms Fay Gurr
Deputy Principal

Kormilda College China Visit

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