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Dress Code


Within the values of the Kormilda College mission statement and in particular the values of excellence and understanding (and respect for different cultures) the following Dress Standard applies.

A General Standard:

“At Kormilda College we are role models for our students in our appearance, our language and our actions,”  As a result, the dress standard for all staff is smart and professional. We will comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements. We are sensitive to staff and student cultural backgrounds and respect people’s cultural customs.  As a result, staff are aware that provocative clothing eg: bare midriff, transparent fabrics, low-cut necklines, clothing that accentuates certain features (eg: short skirts and exposed thighs) and tight fitting clothing, and see-through clothing are not respectful of different cultures. 

Additional Understandings:

This standard applies to all staff during business hours and school sponsored events. Separate standards have been developed for specialist areas: Boarding programme, camps, on-campus activities on weekends or stand- down.  All staff have been issued with specially designed Kormilda College name tags.  It is expected that all staff wear these name tags while on duty and on campus.  If name-tags are lost or misplaced, see the Receptionist at College Services for a replacement, (NB regular replacements will be at the cost of the staff member).

Specific Guidelines:

For more specific guidelines of what to wear, refer to the following lists:

For Men: Buttoned and collared shirts, polo shirts, long trousers or tailored shorts, socks and closed-in shoes, protective hat (for the sun), men’s dress sandals.

For Women: Knee length skirts or dresses, trousers, shoes with backs or sandals, flat slip on shoes, high necked shirt-lines, tailored t-shirts, protective hat (for the sun), tailored shorts or ¾ length pants

Staff are not to wear: flip-flops (thongs or fashion thongs included), shoe string singlets, commercially labelled t-shirts or faded/tattered denim clothing.

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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