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GAP/volunteers Program at Kormilda College

Kormilda has been involved in the ‘Lattitude Global Volunteers’ Program since 1989. We take volunteers now from ‘Education Downunder’, a German Organisation that places students in Australia. We also have volunteers from various Australian schools whose students have a strong interest in getting a better understanding of Indigenous people.

Volunteers split their time between supervising in the Boarding Houses and assisting in the Day School. The Day School has a mixture of Indigenous and non-indigenous students and the three residences are composed of mainly Indigenous students from remote communities. Volunteers can assist in the classroom with reading, drama, physical education, excursions and sport. They can also participate in the Outdoor Education Camp program for Years 7, 8, 9, 10.  For Years 11 & 12 we have Outdoor Education as a subject and volunteers can be invited to participate. Because of the weather all camps occur in Terms 2 and 3. 

Volunteers with driving licences are required to assist in the medical clinic – transporting students in a 7-seater vehicle to doctors, hospital, etc (they must bring with them an International Driving Licence from their home country). Volunteers also assist in the school's Intensive English Program for Indigenous students. There is also some participation in sport, camps, etc. Past volunteers have been assistant coaches in soccer, netball and basketball. Volunteers will also be asked to assist with office duties – filing etc.

Volunteers work in boarding houses for approximately 8 - 10 hours per week, and in Day School approximately 23 hours per week. Flexibility is the key requirement and hours in either area can be negotiated. We try to provide an experience for volunteers that they will not forget while they support our educational, sporting and welfare programs for all our remote Indigenous and Darwin’s non-indigenous students.

A College vehicle, Kia, a 7-person vehicle is available for personal use. Volunteers will be responsible for looking after it. All College vehicles are inspected weekly by the Fleet Supervisor. However, the continued use of the vehicle will depend on the maturity and responsibility shown by volunteers. It is not an automatic right. Before you leave for Australia it is important that you get your driving licence.  Practice driving around Darwin will be provided in the first couple of weeks, especially for volunteers who come from countries that drive on the right side of the road. No volunteer will be asked to drive if they are not ready and confident. Ideally volunteers should bring an international driver’s license with them. The College vehicle is not to be used for late night outings in Darwin.

Holidays/term dates: This information is provided in a College letter that all volunteers receive months before placement begins. If in doubt check this website for school term dates. Full board and accommodation is provided for volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for cleanliness of units, and a bond of $100 must be paid, refundable on return of keys and cleanliness of unit at completion of placement. Accommodation only is available during the school holidays in-between Term 3 and Term 4. A monthly inspection is carried out of the units. 

During the weekdays meals are provided in the dining room. At weekends volunteers are given money in lieu of meals in the dining room to purchase food. Volunteers are also given an allowance of $10/day during the week days for lunch.   This is paid into your account. Volunteers pick up breakfast food from the dining room twice a week.  Volunteers receive an allowance is $140 per week plus in lieu of meals of $40 for weekends.  These allowances plus lunch allowance brings your weekly total to $230 a week.  This will be paid fortnightly into your bank account. If you are an overseas volunteer you will need to open a bank account in the first week at Kormilda.  Commonwealth bank is our suggested bank. During the holiday period between Terms 1 and 2 or Terms 3 and 4 you will continue to receive these allowances. Only during the four week break in June/July no allowances will be paid.  This is the usual change over from one group of volunteers to the next new group. Accommodation will still be provided if needed.

Volunteers have the same access to Kormilda College e-mail and internet system as any staff member. However down loading programs is restricted to educational use.  No down loading for recreational use is permitted.  An account will be setup before you arrive. Staff protocol for Internet use must be followed.

Clothing is neat casual. Females are not to wear revealing clothes – no strappy singlet tops, short skirts or short shorts. It is important to dress modestly and respectfully, as much as the hot and humid weather will allow.  Kormilda provides corporate polo shirts for staff and volunteers.  Volunteers are actively encouraged to wear these when representing the school on excursions or sports.


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