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Cyclone Procedures

Summary of Cyclone Action Plan for Kormilda College

Cyclone warnings are not unusual in the Top End and in most instances they don’t strike the College. However, it is our responsibility to students and staff to plan for and be prepared for a cyclone.


When the Bureau of Meteorology issues a Cyclone Watch this indicates that the specified coastal and island communities may experience gales or strong winds in 1 to 2 days time.


The Bureau of Meteorology changes a Cyclone Watch to a Cyclone Warning to indicate the specified coastal and island communities that may experience gales or stronger winds within 24 hours. Kormilda College will now put into effect the Kormilda College Cyclone Plan.

Day School students

Warnings from Northern Territory Counter-Disaster Controller will come though media outlets – TV and radio will be issued declaring that all schools will be closed. If this warning occurs during the school day, parents will need to make arrangements for their child to be picked up from the College. If the announcement is made out of school hours, it is then expected that Day students will stay at home under the care of parents/guardians until further notice.

Boarding students

Assistant Principal will call a meeting of the Cyclone Management Team (Team Leaders and House Masters) to assess the situation. The College will then follow the procedures as outlined in the Kormilda College Cyclone Plan 2012.

Cyclone Warning has been downgraded

In the event that a Cyclone Warning is downgraded to a Watch or All-Clear, it is expected that all staff should report for work between normal working hours/rosters. For example, if a Warning is downgraded to a Watch some time during a normal working day or roster and schools are still closed, then staff would be expected to report for work if their home situation allows. If there are special circumstances that preclude a staff member from returning to work, then the staff member is to contact College reception.


A cyclone is now imminent

The Bureau has now forecast that dangerously high winds may occur within the next 6 to 12 hours. If the Bureau of Meteorology issues an Upgrade warning outside College hours, contact with the school can only occur through administration office on 8922 1611. A recorded message will be left as to the status. Boarding staff will prepare boarding students and take them from their Boarding Houses to the class rooms near the main buildings near the Cyclone shelter.

Cyclone – take shelter

The conditions are now becoming dangerous. Assistant Principal will advise Cyclone Management Team on the status of the situation. When instructed, all personnel at Kormilda College will now go into the cyclone shelter to ride out the cyclone.


Assistant Principal will advise the Cyclone Management Team through the Territory Counter Disaster Controller when it is safe to leave the cyclone shelter. The Maintenance and Clean up Teams will assess the damage, if any, to ensure the College grounds are safe before students leave the Cyclone shelter. The Assistant Principal will access the situation and report to the College Deputy Principal/Principal. The Principal will make a decision about the time to re-open the College.

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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