A World of Opportunity 

Daily Life

Kormilda currently accommodates 220 boarders – most of whom are Indigenous, from remote communities as far away as Kununarra in Western Australia.

The three large, unique dormitories have both individual and shared rooms, and communal areas that include; reception, common rooms, games room, music room, computer rooms, kitchens and outdoor lounge areas.

The students are well catered for with a nutritious range of meals that is overseen by a Student Food Forum, who consult regularly with fellow boarders on the four week menu rotation. A firm daily structure is set in place, which includes nightly information meetings, homework help and tutoring in the library after school, as well as chores shared around on a roster system.

After school and weekend activities include recreational interaction with a range of volunteers from community organisations, including gap year students who play sport or other fun activities such as Zumba, pizza making, cupcake baking, crafts etc.

Kormilda has a number of vehicles, ranging from large coaches to troupe carriers, which ferry the students to other schools and sports clubs on the weekends, as well as movies, swimming, discos, shopping, barbecues and other social excursions.

The boarding experience at Kormilda enriches students with life long learning values of respect and responsibility, whilst also forging strong friendship bonds. 

Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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