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2012 Through a School Captain’s Eyes
2012 was a year that I'll always remember. It signified the end of everything I've ever known as a student, and 2013 signifies a new beginning.

Term Three Already!

It's already Week 4 of Term 3, and it's starting to get to crunch time. Not just for us lowly Year 12 students, but I suppose for everyone. It's starting to get hectic, and for us Year 12s, we're starting to think about our futures, uni, work, exams. It's fairly stressful. How have I been coping with the stress? Kicking back, listening to or playing music for a good while most days – it's how I alleviate stress, and I really encourage everyone to try and have some kind of stress-reliever, doesn't matter if you're in Year 6 or in Year 12, everyone's got to have some respite from school.

The Carbon Tax isn’t all bad news

Amidst political turmoil over the government's new carbon tax, and polls showing that the majority of Australians do not support it, a beacon of positivity shines through the smog from an unlikely quarter. Delaware Ltd., Australia's largest manufacturer of kitchen appliances, has announced that, beginning next week, all toasters produced will no longer be equipped with the capacity to toast bread beyond the "deliciously crispy" setting.

OPINION PIECE: Spirituality and! And me.

By Stephen W. Enciso
Spirituality refers to that other dimension that we are linked to but cannot quantify. The contention of spirituality is that there exists a body and a spirit: the body is merely physical and can die, but the spirit lives on forever. Those who practice spitituality see to transcend the parameters of mortal life – religions, whatever they may be, aim to provide followers with the spiritual aid necessary for this purpose – in an attempt to engage with that elusive other dimension.


It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks, with World's Greatest Shave and Sports Day, as well as so many important assessments due! My grudging, but full and genuine congratulations go to Djarrak for triumphing over the illustrious Nganabaru to win the Sports Day Cup, with a margin of only three points. My very good friends and excellent Djarrak House Captains Jahla Carter-Hoffmann and Jake Brown did a marvellous job of organising their team members.

The Significance of Community

We live in an era of collectivity. At no other point in time throughout human history have we been as connected with each other as we are now. In part, we owe this to the diffusion of the internet as a medium of social interactivity. Facebook, with almost three times the number of users as the entire population of the United States, has become its own community. We post, share, comment and tag alongside millions of other people, seemingly unaware that when our voices are combined together, something extraordinary occurs: we have the power to enact change.

Welcome onboard to the first ever blogpost by your 2012 Kormilda College School Captains

Hello, interwebs. Welcome onboard to the first ever blogpost by your 2012 Kormilda College School Captains, myself, Vaanathy Kandiah, and my co-captain, Stephen Enciso.  Stephen and I will be alternating each week. It’s just been the start of Year 12, and I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet, especially for me. I suppose I should begin this inaugural post with a few facts about yours truly.


Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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