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School Captain's Report, March 2015

The first term of the year has been very eventful, challenging but also incredibly rewarding for much of the school community. Whatever issues you have faced during the course of this term, congratulate yourself for overcoming challenges and continue to do your best. 2015 marks the inaugural year for the Kormilda College Primary School and already the primary school students have established themselves as an integral part of our sense of unity.

From the Captains

Term Two has been a busy but successful term for many students. Over the course of the term there have been exams, cricket tournaments, AFL games, Twilight Tours and Turtle Tracks tours, which many of our students have been involved in.
A number of students have faced challenges this term, from exams or learning new material in class. Whatever it has been that you have faced during this term, congratulate yourself for getting through what often feels like the longest term of the year.

Our May News Wrap

This year has been flooded with various exciting events and activities, which have definitely raised the College spirit and brought students closer together. The first semester has flown by so fast and is now almost at an end, leaving the two of us eager to introduce the various College activities planned for the rest of the year; as well as reflecting on the various accomplishments which our community has achieved so far.

From the Captains

2014 is finally here, and it’s already off to a great start. Time flies when you’re having fun they say, and it definitely has; seeing that we’ve almost already finished our first school term. 
The College has hosted a variety of in events this term; most notably, the World’s Greatest Shave in which we had a number of brave students and teachers shave their heads and raised almost $10,000 for the Leukemia Foundation; and also Harmony Week which raised awareness of the various cultures within Australia by celebrating with the use of specific cultural foods each day.

From the Captains

Hello Everyone! The brand new year is already off to a great start!
Welcome to all of the new students at the school, the orientation day at the end of last month was certainly a fun day. For those who have returned, hope you guys have had an awesome holiday and are settling back in well.

Message from School Captain

So it's that time of the year again when Kormilda converges on Marrara Athletics Stadium to compete house-against-house in our annual athletics carnival. Throughout the week the house rivalry has been running strong with a Djarrak infiltration into the Baru house assembly last Thursday.

A message from George

Last term was a fresh start to a new year, and a fresh start means a new focus for the new School Leadership Team.
The Leadership Team had focused on bullying; the objective was to remove any form of bullying from our learning environment. The House Captains were assigned to do a presentation on anti-discrimination to our senior year students from Years 10 to 12. The inaugural 2013 Kormilda College Anti Bullying March saw positive changes within the yards of our College community. Students are coming closer together and respect each other’s cultural diversities.

School Captains' Report

A Message From Kate

Messages from the Captains

2012 Through a School Captain’s Eyes
2012 was a year that I'll always remember. It signified the end of everything I've ever known as a student, and 2013 signifies a new beginning.

Term Three Already!

It's already Week 4 of Term 3, and it's starting to get to crunch time. Not just for us lowly Year 12 students, but I suppose for everyone. It's starting to get hectic, and for us Year 12s, we're starting to think about our futures, uni, work, exams. It's fairly stressful. How have I been coping with the stress? Kicking back, listening to or playing music for a good while most days – it's how I alleviate stress, and I really encourage everyone to try and have some kind of stress-reliever, doesn't matter if you're in Year 6 or in Year 12, everyone's got to have some respite from school.


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