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Principal's Ponderings: T2 Week 6, May

Dear Parents and Carers

Principal's Ponderings: Welcome Term 2 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Term 2 at Kormilda College. Already much has happened and we excitedly look forward to the many Dry season events planned for the next few weeks.

Principal's Ponderings: End of Term 1 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

I write to you as another term draws to a close – and I reflect on what a busy and productive term it has been.

Principal's Ponderings: End of Term 1 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

Principal's Ponderings - March 2017

Welcome to the second half of Term One. Our staff have been very busy this week with ParentTeacher interviews early in the week and several sessions of professional learning with visiting Southern Cross University researchers, Professor David Lynch and Dr David Turner. The two Davids bring to our College an air of excitement with the sharing of an app that we can use in class to determine the range of teacher practice and how our students are learning. Using the McREL app, a ‘snapshot’ of. classroom practice can be produced with three minute walkthroughs.

Principal's Ponderings: February 2017

The Kormilda College logo, the figure with uplifted arms, represents reaching forward and upwards. Kormilda, a word adapted from a Kakadu region language, meaning ‘tomorrow’, encourages our students to look ‘Towards Tomorrow’, now our College motto.

Week 3 of Term 1

Welcome to Week 3 of Term 1, 2017. Today at the assembly I spoke of our Blessings, those events or people or things for which we are thankful. I mentioned that we are sometimes asked to consider our personal blessings but today I want consideration to be given to the blessings we have in the Northern Territory.

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Term One, 2017 at Kormilda College. I hope that everyone has enjoyed a happy and safe holiday, and taken a break from routine. 

Kormilda College is a school with a long and proud tradition of excellence. ‘Towards Tomorrow’ is the motto of our school. The name ‘Kormilda’, chosen in the 1970’s by students at the school, derived from a Western Arnhem Land Aboriginal language meaning ‘tomorrow’, embodies the whole purpose of the school, which is to provide young people with an education that can take them into a future of their choice.

Principal's Ponderings - December

Congratulations to all Middle School students who participated in the Interdisciplinary Units of work during the last two weeks of school. I was very proud to see the creative efforts when their projects were on display in the Dumabudla Centre. I do so admire all of our students who work so hard, who demonstrate our school values and who understand that access to a quality education is a privilege and not a right.

Principal's Ponderings - November

Our College has been serving the Darwin and Territory community for decades as the longest established school. In this time the College has had ups and downs as do all schools and for many reasons. What makes Kormilda College the outstanding community that it has always been, is found in the passionate and determined support of our families. Now is no different with the active and willing support of groups of parents, we will see an end result as an even greater College emerges.


Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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