A World of Opportunity 

Administration College Services

Chief Financial Officer Tamara O'Sullivan
ICT Coordinator Daniel Lih
School Officer – Creditors Clerk  Yvonne Fartch
School Offier – Debtors Clerk  Karin Allen 
School Officer – Payroll/Recruitment Vicki Kosonen

School Officer Abstudy & Travel

Fran Jacobson
School Officer Enrolment Officer Megan Adams
Personal Assistant – Principal  Tracey Page
School Officer –  Admin Support Head of Teaching & Learning Emma Short

School Officer  Primary Administration

Robyn Illemann 
School Officer Enrolments & Community Liaison Emily Rayner
School Officer Marketing Assistant Deirdre Bartie
School Officer – Student Records  Danielle Williams
School Officer – Receptionist Debra Redding 
School Officer - Shop Manager  Lyn Tilbrook 
Kormilda College is an Anglican and Uniting Church College.
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