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School Buses

Kormilda College supervises the transport of 650-700 students from the school Gym every afternoon in a 30 minute period.

For this exodus to be safe and efficient and to ensure that students who need to catch a specific bus can do so, a Bus Card is provided by the College for some routes. This Bus Card ensures that students who need to catch that particular bus have first option. Only some routes require this special bus card. There will no longer be a requirement for a Rural Bus Card. Students travelling to the Palmerston Interchange will have sufficient time to catch their connecting rural bus.

Buses and their routes for 2013 are, until further notice from the Department of Transport:

  • Rural Route
    107 and 108 - buses leave no later than 3.00pm.
  • Palmerston
    Route 208 and 208a leave 3.05pm for the Palmerston suburbs.
  • Palmerston
    Route 57 - two buses are allocated to this routeleaving 3.08 pm to the Palmerston Interchange. A public bus also leaves later at 3.20pm
  • Darwin
    Route 105 - leaves for the Darwin Interchange no later than 3.00pm. A later public bus leaves at 3.20pm.
  • Casuarina
    Route 59 - two buses allocated, leave for Casuarina Interchange at 3.05pm. A public bus leaves later at 3.15pm.
  • Nightcliff
    Route 106 requires a special Nightcliff Card. The Route 222 bus leaves a few minutes later on the same route but stops service at Lee Point Road. Only students living past Lee Point Road will be given a Nightcliff Card.

Note:   The Department of Transport keeps a current listing of all bus routes. 

Click here for details concerning your route to and from Kormilda College.

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